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Re: /dev/registry

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From: "Greg Mosier" <Greg.Mosier@USA.Net>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 14:41
Subject: Re: /dev/registry

> Maybe I've missed something here, but are we talking about copying the
> registry to hard drive, or rather providing a 'pathed' means just to read
> the registry?  I'm still a newbie in this area, but to me, it would seem
> that if it's not copied to the HD then we don't need an extention to
> indicate key type, but that those things that called it should know,
> check, what type of key they were getting the information on.

It would require a new driver similar to the one (ones?) that manages
filesystems, but I would expect it to walk through the registry instead of
directories.  I think adding the type information to the name is just asking
for ambiguties, but it's really up to whoever implements it.  Using the name
to indicate type does minimize the deviation from the file I/O paradigm

The trick at this point is finding someone interested enough to write it.
Mac :})
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