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Re: Why not a news server?

From: "Robert Collins" <>
Subject: Re: Why not a news server?

> > to go back to the list.  The most frustrating thing about this is that
> this
> > is a setting in the listserv software, whether it be elzm, mailman,
> > majordomo, or listserv.  The person that has set this up has
> configured it
> > so that the default reply to address is that of the send instead of
> the
> > list.  A simple change in the configuration would alleviate that and
> This too has been debated ad inifinitum. There are valid points for and
> against doing this.
> However, the principal of least surprise requires not doing it, and for
> a list that gets many non-subscriber posts, that *also* prohibits
> rewriting the reply-to.

Well, the valid arguement against that, would of course be, if they want an
answer bad enough have them search the archives of the list for it, or else
join the list for the short time that it takes them to resolve their issue.
I mean, really, should a list be supportive of it's long standing members or
people that don't have the time to invest in finding an answer for
themselves via subbing or searching archives.

Just my two cents,
Greg Mosier

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