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Re: Can't create new file/directory

Derek M. Tournear wrote:

> OK here is some more info:

[ snip ]

> When I start cygwin and go into any directory with any permissions set,
> and try to mkdir new or touch new (or any name for that matter) I get 
> [EQUULEUS] temp 24% touch new
> touch: creating `new': Permission denied
> [EQUULEUS] temp 25%
> OR
> [EQUULEUS] temp 26% mkdir new
> mkdir: cannot create directory `new': Permission denied
> [EQUULEUS] temp 27%

Are you running the commands from within the cygwin bash shell or
from the NT command interpreter ?

Please, provide the output of the following commands 'which touch' and 
'which mkdir'. I see you have a hell of a PATH environment on your 
system and also you have uwin which provides this tools (touch, mkdir) 
too. Also there is this strange C:\NTWORK~1\COMMON\COMMON folder which 
cntains some unix tools too (ls.exe for example and maybe more) - and it 
also precedes the occurance of the cygwin bin directory in your PATH. 
And there is the cygwinb19.dll in the window system dir which makes me 
think that the tools in the C:\NTWORK~1\COMMON\COMMON may be linked
against this old version of the cygwin emulation dll.

All this means exactly one thing - TROUBLE! A simple thing you can try
to do - move the cygwin bin directory in the beginning of you PATH
variable and then try to create dir or touch files again.

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