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Re: Suggestion: Add to FAQ - cygint.dll not found error

Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:

> Having run into the touble myself and skimming the list for answers,
> the only one that really soved the problem was Charles's:
>     *RE* install libintl and libintl1 packages.  Ensure that /usr/bin is in 
>     your PATH.
> Would the FAQ maintainer kindly add this to FAQ, it seems to be a frequest
> question in the archive.

Actually, the real answer is more general -- the following could replace 
the current "My application cannot locate cygncurses5.dll!!" question 
and a lot more:

"My application cannot locate a cyg*.dll!
Keywords for searching: cygncurses5.dll, cygintl.dll, <whatever other 
DLLs become FAQs>

You need to reinstall the package that contains the DLL.  First, go to and search for your DLL by its full 
name: for instance, `cygncurses5.dll' and not `cygncurses' or `ncurses'. 
You may find that multiple packages contain the desired DLL -- for 
instance, both `gettext-0.10.38-2' and `libintl-0.10.38-3' contain 
cygintl.dll.  You want the newest one.

How can you tell which one is the newest?
   #1) Always prefer 'lib<something>' to '<something>'.  In the 
preceeding example, then, we'd prefer `libintl-0.10.38-3' to 
   #2) If THAT doesn't narrow it down enough for you, then use the 
version numbers...higher versions are newer.

Once you have determined that you need to reinstall a given package, use 
setup.exe to do so."


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