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Re: bash/cmd CTRL-C problem...

On Fri, Jan 04, 2002 at 12:52:43PM +0100, Michael Rumpf wrote:
>I further investigated the bash CTRL-C problem and found out that pressing
>CTRL-C in the bash is "nearly" the same as CTRL-BREAK. I tried all the
>CYGWIN=tty/notty/<empty> combinations but that did not change anything...
>The cmd shell works as it should be. CTRL-BREAK stops everything immediatly
>and CTRL-C continues with the main thread after the signal was handled.
>I guess it is worth mentioning that I don't use any of the Cygwin libc
>stuff. The apps are linked against MS runtime libs.

Here's the harsh reality: it is extremely unlikely that anyone is going
to investigate this.  If you are using non-cygwin apps with bash and
CTRL-C doesn't work then you are on your own.

I will enthusiastically inspect and evaluate any fixes that you provide
to cygwin to rectify this situation.  The fixes must not break current
CTRL-C behavior with cygwin apps.

You are one of a handful of people reporting similar problems.  Everyone
seems to be trying to do basically the same thing.  They're building
non-cygwin java apps and complaining that CTRL-C doesn't work right.

However, since we are all *cygwin* developers it is not likely that
we'll want to go to the effort of loading non-cygwin, java software on
our system to track your problem down for you.  I could be wrong.  Maybe
someone is actively working on this.  If so, I hope that person steps
forward and offers some insight into how they are progressing and what
their proposed fix might be.


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