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More grist for the CVS line ending mill.

>From a post I just made to -patches, in hopes this helps Charles fix it or
others avoid it.  I've been having no end of problems with CVS claiming every
line of a file has changed when they haven't, and I've narrowed it down a bit:

I tried simply checking out a file, touching it, and then "cvs diff"ing it.  No
problems there.  I did notice that on at least two files, and, they check out as CRLF files even though I'm now on binary mounts,
and "cvs diff"ing against CRLF files on a binary mount seems to work.  But then
when I run indent on them they get changed back into LF-only, and then every
line cvs diff's as different.

BUT, checks out as LF-only.  Completely wiping out the formatting in
Textpad (which preserves LF-onlys) and indenting leaves the file as LF-only, and
surprise, surprise, "cvs diff" now works.  So it looks to me like the immediate
problem is CRLF files in the repository, and the long-term solution to not have
CVS care what the line endings of text files in its repository are.

On further reflection, perhaps that last part is bass-ackwards: I guess nobody
should really care what the files look like once they get into the repository,
only when they hit your local disk or are read from it.  So for my WAH (Wild-Ass
Hypothesis): Is the CVS client "wb"/"rb"ing all files it touches on the local

I swear in the name of all that is Holy, when I get my hands around the neck of
the guy who first mixed fgets() into the same object as fseek()....

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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