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Re: duplicate regexec/regcomp functions detected

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 02:18:56PM +0100, Ralf Habacker wrote:
>>Again, the above link line does not make sense.
>It's a faulty example. It should look like this:
>     gcc -o test main.o -lpthread [-lcygwin]

Ok.  I'm officially tired of this discussion now.  If we've been
arguing for three mail messages because you've botched an example
then I am bowing out after this.

>Of course, but the things, that are in agreement with many os should be
>used, if this is maintainable.  So providing a true pthread c and m lib
>should for me be such a way.  Isn't it ?  Additional not only
>compilation tools things, but also api relevant things are relevant.
>KDE 2 is ported to the following os:
>Caldera OpenLinux
>Compaq Tru64
>Conectiva Linux
>Debian GNU/Linux
>Gentoo Linux
>Mandrake Linux
>MS Windows NT, 2000
>Polish(ed) Linux Distribution
>RedHat Linux
>Redmond Linux
>SGI Irix
>Slackware Linux
>Sun Solaris
>SuSE Linux
>Yellow Dog Linux

Don't you think that many of the above needed to have the configuration
tweaked before they worked?  Of course they did.  (And, also note that
the majority of the above examples are actually "linux".  That's not
a really inspiring accomplishment.)

If you modify the configuration and source code for KDE so that Cygwin
works then it will be added to the list.  That doesn't mean that you
should lobby Caldera to change SCO when you attempt an SCO UNIX port.

I'm not saying that we won't fix bugs in Cygwin but, again, I'm not
going to bend over backwards to make cygwin work better with broken
usages.  Now that you've apparently changed the whole basis for my
argument against qt's configury, there is little more that needs to
be said about this.

>I have recognized some minor issues, that are handled not usually in
>cygwin.  I will tell you some examples:
>- ':' in filenames - Many unix systems supports ':' in filenames,
>Windows not, this means that every x11 related application, that uses
>the display environment var for creating filenames has to be patched.
>This could be done in cygwin and this problem is solved forever.

Snort.  Sure, I'll fix this.  While I'm at it, I'll implement a true
fork() call, eliminate all of the CRLF line mode ending problems and
make programs recognize Windows syntax automatically.

>- unix domain socket - The above mentioned os supports creating unix
>domain sockets with previous existing files.  On cygwin the unix domain
>sockets couldn't be bound on existing files, so it has to be removed

Sounds like a bug.  Submit a patch.

>- timezone variable
>  Normaly the timezone variable can be referenced with "timezone" directly, in cygwin it must
>be called
>  "_timezone".

Why?  'timezone' is exported.

>- In mostly os the third parameter of the ioctl call could be optionally left, in cygwin not.
>  +#ifdef __CYGWIN__
>  +    ioctl(seqfd,SNDCTL_SEQ_RESET,0);
>  +#else
>       ioctl(seqfd,SNDCTL_SEQ_RESET);
>  +#endif
>There may be some reasons not doing like this, I currently don't know, but I have recognized
>this and now I'm telling about this :-)

Sounds like a bug.  Submit a patch.


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