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note on cygmagic


I tried to build a fresh cygwin dll and recognized that the tool "bc" seems newly be used in
a helper script named cygmagic. One can say, please install it, but another way could be to
minimize the needed helper packages. So this is a note for doing the second.

I found the following line in src/winsup/cygwin/cygmagic

	awk '{print "obase=16;\"0x\";", $1}' | bc

another possibility without "bc" seems to me like this

	awk '{printf("0x%x",$1) }'

So if someone means, that this is a good note, please use it, otherwise forget it.

$ diff -ubBp cygmagic.orig cygmagic
--- cygmagic.orig       Sat Dec 29 13:49:58 2001
+++ cygmagic    Sat Dec 29 13:50:12 2001
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ EOF
 while [ -n "$1" ]; do
     define=$1; shift
     struct=$1; shift
-    sum=`$gcc -E $file | sed -n "/^$struct/,/^};/p" | sed -e 's/[      ]//g' -e '/^$/d' |
sum | awk '{print "obase=16;\"0x\";", $
1}' | bc | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
+    sum=`$gcc -E $file | sed -n "/^$struct/,/^};/p" | sed -e 's/[      ]//g' -e '/^$/d' |
sum | awk '{printf("0x%x",$1) }' | tr '
[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
     echo "#define $define $sum"
     curr=`sed -n "s/^#[        ]*define CURR_$define[  ][      ]*\([^  ][^     ]*\)/\1/p"
     [ "$curr" = "$sum" ] || echo "*** WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING ***


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