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other gnu to windows


If I wanted to take use some other gnu application in a windows environment
using the cygwin files, then what do I do?  Can I use the regular cygwin setup
to detect the new gnu application to be installed under the usr/ directory? 
Would I need to do something special to the gnu application to port it to
windows using cygwin?  

I was considering porting flex++ or bison++ out of curiosity and as a challenge
to myself.  Because I don't need it right now, I don't think that I will do
this.  I wonder about having one operating system as a base and putting windows
and linux and anything else on top of it.  The system calls would go through
the base operating system.  I wondered if a bug in windows could turn windows
into another operating system.  The bug or worm gets into the system call area
and translates the entire windows system into a viable linux system.  Wouldn't
a bug like that be cool?  And maybe there would be a (really evil yucky) bug
that transformed a linux system into a windows system.  Enough midnight
musings!  Thanks for your help!

Fractal A.          

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