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Re: [PATCH] Setup.exe "other URL" functionality

redirected to cygwin!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Gary R. Van Sickle" <>

> > Thanks. BTW: If you can identify what made that huge patch (my money
> > on indent 2.2.7 inserting ^M's)'s that would be handy.
> >
> > Rob
> It's highly bizarre, but AFAICT it's not indent but rather something
wrong with
> "cvs diff".  Here's my investigation so far, I'm on all text mounts:
> Experiment 1:
> - mv my altered, indented "window.h" to "window.h.temp".  A hex editor
shows it
> to have the correct CRLF line endings (i.e. no extra CRs or something
> that).
> - do a clean checkout of cvs's window.h.  The file on my system also
> correct CRLF line ends.
> - A "cvs diff" on the clean, just-checked-out source shows no
> - Do a "diff window.h window.h.temp" (not "cvs diff").  Shows only the
> changes, not the entire file as being different.
> - Replace the unaltered "window.h" with my "window.h.temp", and the
> diff -pu" shows every line of the file to be different.
> - Run "d2u" on my local "window.h", which is now the altered one.
> diff -pu" *still* shows every line to be different!  (so does a plain
> diff", no -pu).

I don't think that d2u does anything on text mounts. I may be wrong.
(Because, when it writes, cygwin inserts ^M's.)
When you open the unaltered file in vim, does it show [dos] in the
status line? Ditto for the indented file.

another thing to try:
grab a fresh window.h, where cvs diff shows nothing.
touch window.h - then try cvs diff again.

If this shows every line different, cvs/diff/rcs is broken with respect
to text mode. If this doesn't show every line different, I'll scratch my
head a little too.


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