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Re: Setup.exe snapshot

> On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 11:59:33PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
> >* Dependencies will only trigger installation of a package - they
> >force an upgrade of an installed package. (with the caveat that in
> >future versioned dependencies may force upgrades).
> Isn't this what has consistently gotten us into trouble?  Why not
> an update of a package if a package that depends on it is being
> This seems more intuitive to me.

We've had at lsat one bug report of the opposite, where someone was
running a custom file and had to continually select skip.

The way setup now works, when the chooser is presented, all installed
packages will be updated. If I take the following steps:
package foo, change to prev/kepp
unselected package bar, change to curr
then foo will be left at prev/keep.

BY DEFAULT, foo would have been upgraded. And if the user deselected
foo, then select bar, foo-current would be installed.

> Also, if we have no way to install all packages, then I think this new
> release should be delayed.  We've been promising this for months.
> If all that we need, however, is for upset to add things to a "Full"
> category, which can be selected, I can do that.

This is last thing in my list of features before doing a release.


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