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completion problem of tcsh-6.11.00-2


I have a problem with tcsh version 6.11.00-2. This version of tcsh
includes the following files.
	 /etc/csh.cshrc, /etc/csh.login,
	 /etc/profile.d/bindkey.tcsh, /etc/profile.d/complete.tcsh

"complete.tcsh" has entries of a completion variable whose length is
larger than 259. But MAXPATHLEN is (260 - 1) in sys/param.h. So in
the case of these variables completion fails. For example,

% gcc <TAB>
Missing separator '/' after completion "(caller-saves cse-follow-jumps delayed-branch
                               elide-constructors expensive-optimizations
                               float-store force-addr force-mem inline
                               inline-functions keep-inline-functions
                               memoize-lookups no-default-inline
                               no-defer-pop no-function-cse omit-frame-pointer
                               rerun-cse-after-loop schedule-insns
                               schedule-insns2 strength-reduce
                               thread-jumps unroll-all-loops
                               unroll-loops syntax-only all-virtual
                               cond-mismatch dollars-in-identifiers
                               enum-int-equiv no-asm no-builtin
                               no-strict-prototype signed-bitfields
                               signed-char this-is-variable unsigned-bitfields
                               unsigned-char writable-strings call-saved-reg
                               call-used-reg fixed-reg no-common
                               no-gnu-binutils nonnull-objects
                               pcc-struct-return pic PIC shared-data
                               short-enums short-double volatile)/".

So I make the following ad-hoc patch. Please revise it.

Kenji Yamashita

*** sh.h.orig   Mon Dec 24 01:56:23 2001
--- sh.h        Mon Dec 24 02:26:30 2001
*** 1017,1022 ****
--- 1017,1026 ----

  #define MAXVARLEN 30          /* Maximum number of char in a variable name */

+ #ifdef __CYGWIN__
+ # undef MAXPATHLEN
+ #endif /* __CYGWIN__ */
  #ifndef MAXPATHLEN
  # define MAXPATHLEN 2048
  #endif /* MAXPATHLEN */
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