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Re: GLIB and GTK+

Am 20 Dec 2001, um 11:45 hat O'BRIEN,STEVE (HP-UnitedKingdom,ex1) geschrieben:

>Charles Wilson wrote:
>>Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>>> Steve posted an URL at the cygwin-xfree list:
>>> I posted an updated patch for Imlib and I made some minor
>>> modifications to the gtk patch because I had trouble building Imlib
>>> and gnome-libs:
>>Q: Do these patches use my (ne' robert collins) libtool packages to
>>"fix" gtk/glib/gnome/imlib?
>>I'm looking for test cases, success stories, etc...

>Unfortunately not. I started these ports some 12 months ago before I
>knew about the new libtool work. I would like to find the time to
>re-do them with libtool, and if so I will report the results here -
>but don't hold your breath!

Ahh, maybe that is the reason why I have difficulties with Steves 
patches, AFAIK I'm using Collins patched libtool.  

It should work 'automatic'  without masking the functions in the
headers, which doesn't work for me.  I needed to mask some more 
functions in gtk, e.g. to get Imlib to recognize the gtk version, 
(look at the patches please), or am I wrong in expecting that to
be managed automatic by ld with its auto-import feature?

Maybe just some flag is missing in configure?


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