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Setup.exe snapshot

I've placed a new snapshot of setup.exe at

Any commentary is welcome, with the caveat that duplicates aren't
interesting - no not even to guage the popularity or impact of a
problem. Triage occurs after inital analysis.

Firstly, the known bugs:
* The chooser can be a little funny updating.
* There is still no trivial way to 'install everything'.

Now for the list of recently accomplished things.
* Downloading will continue past errors, presenting the errors after all
downloads have been attempted - this aids unattended downloading.
* Multiple mirrors can be used in parallel. (use shift-click or
* Dependencies will only trigger installation of a package - they won't
force an upgrade of an installed package. (with the caveat that in the
future versioned dependencies may force upgrades).
* Skip shows up for non installed packages, keep for installed packages
* The order of package versions when clicking the spin control is more
consistent (selected radio button (prev/curr/test)->source only (only if
the package is installed) ->oldest version...(skip version of radio
newest version->uninstall->keep/skip->start again. The behaviour of the
src tickbox is more predicatable as well.
* Gary R Van Sickle has contributed an overhaul of the windowing code
that should fix the front/bottom annoyance with setup.

Hopefully this setup will become the released version in the near
future - so lets hear what you think!


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