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rxvt and command prompt


I have a problem using rxvt on the Windows 98 platform. I use rxvt over
the command prompt because it gives me a useful scrollback facility.

I do a lot of database administration on SYBASE and Microsoft servers,
and these come bundled with a utility called isql.

The problem I have is in the way this application works with rxvt.
Usually when you open an isql session you get a prompt like


However on rxvt, this is not the case, you get nothing. Although if you
run a command the results are returned, but without the prompt again.

This is not due to the cygwin environment, because if I run cygwin in a
command shell, isql works fine.

I have heard from a tools developer that isql returns 2 streams, a
message and a result stream, so I figure this must be in someway
connected to the way command shell and rxvt handle standard error, or
something like that in a different manner. I tried running isql with the
2>&1 redirective but to no avail.

I know this must make little sense to people not familiar with the
tools, but I was kind of hoping there would be someone who happened to
have used isql on this list.

Thanks as always in advance for any help, and happy holidays.


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