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RE: talk(1) on WinXP -- perplexing behavior 1/2 solved

Ok...I figured out that my binding order was backwards.  FYI, should
Need to know how to fix that problem:

         Right click on the "My Network Places" desktop icon.
         From the pop-up menu, chose Properties. 
         From the Advanced drop down menu, choose Advanced Settings. 
         Use the arrows on the right to change your Local Area

This solved the "why do I need to disable Local Area Connection (2)"

Still, I have this problem with talk(1)

a) If I receive a talk request on this system from a remote system,
everything seems to work fine.  I can reply as specified, and talk.

b) If I initiate a talk request on this system to a remote system,
   the remote user sees my request. I see:

      [No connection yet]
      [Waiting for your party to respond]
      [Ringing your party again]

   When he tries to reply to my request he gets the error:

      [No connection yet]
      [Unable to connect with initiator : Address already in use (48)]

   so, we seem to miss eachother.  

Thoughts welcomed.

BTW, does anyone know of a secure talk, perhaps using SSH in some way?

P.S. My Cygwin system is set up on a WinXP Box running ICF/ICS
Internet Connection Firewall and Internet Connection Sharing).  The
Local Area Connection (1) to the external Internet is setting its own
external IP address as the "machine hosting this service on mynetwork,"
and it is permitting UDF 518 (ntalk) to pass thru.

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