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Re: Proper "$HOME" setup? (/home or My Documents)

I would use the mount command to mount "My Documents" at /home/crb
(after first running mkdir -p /home/crb).  That way, you don't need to
move anything.

Chris Bailey wrote:
> I checked the FAQ but didn't see anything on this (and did some mailing list
> searches, but didn't find it, hopefully it hasn't been covered already, or
> if so, point me to those if you please)...
> I have cygwin installed on a Windows 2000 machines.  When I fire up bash, it
> has $HOME set to the "My Documents" folder for my user.  But, /etc/passwd
> shows my home as /home/crb.  And, when I use ssh, it says it can't create
> /home/crb/.ssh.  There is no /home in my cygwin setup.  So, my question is,
> should I create that, and move my .bashrc from My Documents into /home/crb,
> and then set a Win2k environment variable HOME to /home/crb?  Or, is ok to
> use My Documents and I just tweak /etc/passwd, or????  What is the "ideal"
> setup?
> ____
> Chris Bailey
> Code Intensity

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