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Re: cygwin and XP

At 02:00 PM 12/21/2001, Matthew Cary wrote:

>Is cygwin known to have troubles with XP?

You can check the mail archives but I think you'll find the answer to 
that question to be "no".

>Here is my issue: I run setup.exe from, all my packages are
>downloaded, I get a message that says mount completed successfully, and
>then setup disappears.  If I re-run setup and try to install from my hard
>drive (using the packages that were all downloaded, apparently
>successfully), the same thing happens: mount completes successfully, and
>then everything quits.

I've heard this report once before.  Was it you?  In any case, it's a 
very uncommon problem.  I don't know what's causing it or a solution.
You may need to try to debug it.

>Also, is there a quick way to select all packages from setup?  It gets 
>tedious switching off all the "Skip" lines, especially when I'm installing 
>from my hard drive.

Asked and answered in the mail archives.  You wouldn't have to look back
more than a week to find this issue (asked and answered) at any particular
time (or so it seems).  Short answer?  No, not currently.  Jump in to 
help add the support if you can't wait.

>If there were a way of installing things manually, but not individually, 
>that would be fine too.

There *are* other ways to install.  But setup.exe is the only one that's
supported by this list.  Sorry.

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