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Re: bash dos

At 03:19 PM 12/21/2001, Fractal A. wrote:
>Is there a way to run cygwin from a regular dos prompt?  Must I log in to the
>bash shell in order to use the stuff (like g++ flex bison) in cygwin?  
>I think that if I run things directly under the c:\cygwin\bin or other
>directories within c:\cygwin, then certain things work.  I noticed that make
>works under some directories and not others.  
>I have a bunch of bison and flex files in the directory c:\bfeg . 
>I'd like to run bison and flex on these files.  What is a good way to do this? 
>With or without the bash shell, please help me understand how to run cygwin
>most effectively to accomplish my goals.  Thank you.

Most people with any UNIX/Linux background prefer the more powerful 
environment of a GNU shell.  If you don't want to use it though, don't
(your loss! ;-) )  If you're going to use make with DOS-style paths,
you may need to set the MAKE_MODE environment variable to WIN32.  
Otherwise, the ":" for drive specifications won't be interpreted correctly.
Cygwin, really, is just a DLL with POSIX emulation.  While all the tools
that come with the distribution depend on this DLL, you're not constrained
to use them in any particular shell.



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