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RE: Cron problem

I had the same CRON problem. Got struckup. I was about send this same
requets to cygwin.
As you wanted, here is the event log info that I captured from my
Windows 2000 system after setting up cygwin cron.

I noticed that following is the event type generated in event logs. The
time stamp of this event matches with the time, when I run 'crontab -e'
to edit the crontab entries with some vi or so, which is invoked by
'crontab -e', but not with the time stamp when the cron is supposed to
triggered in the crontab.

--- cut ---
The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( crontab ) cannot be
found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry
information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote
computer. The following information is part of the event: crontab :
Win32 Process Id = 0x5AC : Cygwin Process Id = 0x41C : (Administrator)
LIST (Administrator).
--- cut ---

To know mnore about how to look into event log, here is the help window
contents from Win2000:
Notes: To open Event Viewer, click Start, point to Settings, and then
click Control Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then
double-click Event Viewer.

Look for Application Events, as I could not find any relavant system
events that match our cron test time stamps.

This event also happens when I setup crontab in any other way like what
is described in the previous email. No event log is reported, when the
cron is supposed to execute, cron job was not run at all. This cron
setup needs something to do with Windows Registry, since Windows has
come up with some fancy "Microsoft Scheduler" kind of thing, which our
cron should be able internally use it.

Any info on how to make this cron work, will be of great help to us all.

Satya Nemana

-----Original Message-----
From: Corinna Vinschen []
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 3:27 AM
Subject: Re: Cron problem

On Wed, Dec 19, 2001 at 03:15:42PM -0800, Ryan Koopmans wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble running cron with Cygwin:
> CYGWIN_NT-4.0 CITYWEB02 1.3.6(0.47/3/2) 2001-12-08 17:02 i686 unknown
> I installed cron with the command
> $ cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a -D -e "CYGWIN=binmode tty
ntsec" -e "MAILTO=rkoopmans@city
> I install a crontab with the contents
> * * * * * date >> /crontest.out
> through crontab.
> The service starts, but nothing seems to happen.  Can anyone help me?

There should be at least somthing in the event log.


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