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Re: How do I use a socks server with cygwin?

At 16:33 20-12-2001, CyberZombie wrote:
>That's just it -- I normally use 443 as a way to get through firewalls 
>with ssh.  But at the company I work for (I'm a consultant), EVERY port is 
>locked down or pushed through a socks server.  Hence my need to get a 
>functional socks filter...

 From /usr/src/openssh*/contrib/README: is a Unix and Windows
   ProxyCommand which allows OpenSSH to make connections through a SOCKS5
   or http proxy which supports the CONNECT method (eg. Squid).

Works fone for me.  Compiles OOTB on Cygwin, I put it in 
/usr/local/bin/proxyconnect, and added the following lines to /etc/ssh_config:

   Host machine_that_needs_socks another_such_machine
           ProxyCommand proxyconnect -R local -S socks.server.domain.tld %h %p


  - Michael

     I always wondered about the meaning of life.   So I looked it
     up in the dictionary under "L" and there it was - the meaning
     of life.  It was not what I expected.                  - Dogbert 

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