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Re: Illegal User Error Attempting to Authenticate in sshd


I have finally achieved a working sshd on Win2k w/FAT filesystems. 
Also, cygrunsrv appears to be functioning properly. Steps taken were:

1) Created links for Cygwin's var, tmp, usr, etc, and bin dir's in
   c:/ (in other words, these dir's are hanging off of /). Both
   srvany and cygrunsrv appear to require these, else cygrunsrv returns
   the "Service did not return an error" message, and does not start.

2) A reference on another site tipped me off here - the sites used 
   procedures which evoked sshd *without* a sshd_config file. As I'm 
   using password authentication, sshd's default behaviour will suffice.

HTH and thanks for the service,

Dave Pinsker     
On Tue, 18 Dec 2001, Dave Pinsker wrote:

> By way of follow-up to my original message 
> (, I'd like to 
> update the list with a change in status.
> I was able to eliminate the "Illegal User"  error by modifying the system 
> environment path to DOS short names (example: c:\progra~1) 
> However, I now receive:
> "Failed password for <username> from <source IP> port <source port>"
> I will continue to debug and keep the list informed.

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