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Midnight Commander mc-4.5.55

I am trying to compile mc 4.5.55 with no luck.  First, it complained I did 
not have glib so I tried to install that.  However, glib complained I did 
not have pkgconfig.  I downloaded the latest version of pkgconfig and I 
can't get that to install either.  I read the instructions and typed 
"./configure" then "make" then "make install".  I get a variety of errors 
and eventually, it does not work.

These are the packages I tried to install:


1. Is it possible to install mc under cygwin?
2. Does anyone know where I can some binaries to avoid compiling it myself?
3. How can I tell what other packages I need to get pkgconfig and glib to 

I have attached my current cygcheck in case it is helpful to anyone.



PS - I have deliberately not installed all the packages.  Therefore, I 
would like to resolve these problems by only installing the required packages.

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