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Re: Compiling openldap 2.0.18...


Kent Perrier <> writes:

> I am attempting to compile openldap (duh) and the configure fails
> because I either don''t have a POSIX regex (which I cannot
> understand, since I have reinstalled the POSIX regex library to make
> sure I had it) or it is "broken."  At least that is what configure
> tells me. Since I saw a post to the list in October the 2.0.15 was
> compiled correctly I assumed that 2.0.18 would as well.  Is there
> anything special that I need to do to get it to work?

I've also tried to compile openldap 2.0.18 on cygwin.  I resolved the
configure issue by just commenting out the respective section ;-B;
finally I know that regexp is there and I don't need configure to
guess around.  I've included the 'patched' configure-script.  In this
forma it runs successfully on my system.

But even then openldap refuses to compile completely.  Compilation
breaks in the server part.

When linking slapd I get the following error message:

"Warning: resolving _gdbm_errno by linking to __imp__gdbm_errno
nmth000000.o(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to

libgdbm is in the library list.  This *may* be just an issue of
sequence of libraries but I don't know.

As I currently only need the client part (ldapsearch for integration
in emacs) I didn't check out how to 'repair' openldap for cygwin.  The
needed client parts are correctly compiled.  Please note that there is
a MSVC .dsp file in the 'build'-subdirectory.  Perhaps it is usable,
but I didn't try.



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