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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gettext-0.10.40-1

Billinghurst, David (CRTS) wrote:

> Thanks.  This works nicely with gcc-3.1 (which has had broken nls
> support for a while)

Cool.  I don't think I'd recommend re-gettextizing any package with this 
version, if you expect the modified package to work on another platform 
tho.  For that, wait until we get the cygwin-dll support into an 
official libtool(*), and then I'll switch cygwin-gettext completely 
(instead of only partially) over to libtool-driven build....and THEN 
I'll try to encourage the REAL gettext people to update their libtool 
scripts to the (then current) libtool...

My goal for THIS release was just to allow packages -- like gcc-3.1 -- 
which are maintained on non-cygwin platforms, to work okay with -- and 
even link with -- a cygwinized installed version of gettext.  e.g. 
ensure that libintl.a, libintl.h, and cygintl-1.dll play well with 
others; but not (yet) gettextize.

Previously, "playing well with others" was not really the case.  It only 
kinda sorta worked sometimes.  Blech.

(*) which is a long process, many steps between where we are now and that.


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