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sscanf %as broken (was: linking with glut32.lib?)

On 2001-12-19 (Wednesday) at 11:13:01 -0500, Andre Bleau wrote:
> >I'm trying to get a GLUT application compiled under cygwin and am
> >having a spot of bother.  [...]
> GLUT support is already included in cygwin's openGL package.

Thanks for that.  I hadn't realised GLUT and OpenGL were supported out
of the box like that.  I'd done some Googling trying to find
instructions for compiling GLUT programs and nothing I came across
mentioned an OpenGL Cygwin package.  Next time I'll read the package
list more carefully!

Anyway I've now got it compiling cleanly, but there's a totally
unrelated runtime error which after investigation looks like it's
caused by sscanf(3) not working properly with "%as".  The following
code which works under Linux (sscanf returns 1) but not under Cygwin
(sscanf returns 0) demonstrates the problem:

  #include <stdio.h>

  int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
    char *string = "This is a string\n";
    char *word;

    if(!sscanf(string, "%as", &word)){
      fprintf(stderr, "No string in string.\n");
      printf("Found `%s' in string.\n", word);
    return 0;


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