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Re: default mounts

At 03:15 PM 12/18/2001, Ching, Jimen wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have just installed the latest cygwin dll.  I noticed that the /bin and
>/usr/bin are now their own separate directories.  At one point, they were
>symlinks.  But when I reboot my computer, my mount table still shows the

I don't believe that setup.exe ever created symlinks for these directories.
I could be wrong.  Either way, if such a thing was ever done by setup.exe,
it was quite some time ago.

>e:\cygwin\bin is mounted on /usr/bin, where e:\cygwin is mounted on /.
>This means both /bin and /usr/bin are the same physical directory.  But
>the setup.exe has placed valid files in /usr/bin, which is overridden
>by the mount.  Is this the normal behavior?

No.  You should check this out closely.  If it's not an artifact your
custom environment (the fact that you mention symlinks to /bin and/or
/usr/bin makes me think your environment may be "fooling" setup.exe 
into doing the wrong thing), please provide details of what you find.
If you find it's the result of something specific to your environment,
we only need to know that this is the case.


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