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Re: how can I install version 1.3.2?

> I am trying to go back to version 1.3.2 of cygwin. I am currently using
> cygwin 1.3.6.  The setup program only allows me to unistall entirely, or go
> back to version 1.3.5.
> Can someone tell me how to uninstall what I have and get back to version
> 1.3.2 of the cygwin1.dll?  (Or point me to a web page).
> The reason for my wanting to do this is I am having problems with xemacs
> 21.4.6 and I hear that the everything is ok with cygwin 1.3.2.

You can't (easily).  Please don't try.  It hurts both projects when
people deliberately drop back to old versions instead of helping to
fix/reporting bugs.  

Also, if you are building XEmacs from source, make sure you are using
the *windows* branch of 21.4.6.  Both windows-native and cygwin versions
of XEmacs are built from a (frequently synchronized) branch off the main
XEmacs development trunk.

FWIW, I just installed the latest cygwin-XEmacs (21.4.6, precompiled,
see Andy's announcement *yesterday*).  It seems to work okay on
cygwin-1.3.6 for the basic stuff I am doing; normal text editing, etc. 
Subprocesses *may* be problematic -- but I'm not sure; I've seen mixed


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