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Re: CVS and SSH (again?)

Bauer Travis wrote:
> I know that there have various permutaitons of this
> discussion on this list before, but none of them quite
> seem to fit my problem:
> I have the latest cygwin installed using the setup
> program.  I want to use the cvs client using ssh,
> which I successfully use daily on solaris machines.
> 1. When I installed cvs, it only installed the
> sources.  Not sure why.  openssh installed the
> binaries properly.  I can ssh to the host and run
> programs just fine, but the shell I get cannot execute
> some programs, like pine or mutt, because of the
> terminal type.

> 2. I compiled and installed cvs from those sources.
> But "make check" or whatever the diagnostic target is,
> fails on the first case.

> 4. I found a precompiles version of cvs on the web
> someplace and copied the binary over what I compiled.
> Same errors.  Tried some other ssh binaries from the
> net.  Same errors.

Ummm...why don't you try to run setup again, and install the official,
cygwin,  pre-compiled version of CVS.  Then, try some SIMPLE tests --
create a LOCAL repository, checkin, checkout from THAT without
complicating matters with ssh.

Oh, yeah, and some information about your system would help: send
`cygcheck -s -v -r` output to the list.


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