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Re: Compiling openldap 2.0.18...

On 12/18/2001 2:55 PM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> The other way would be to develop your own patch w/o looking into
> the OpenSSH sources which was how I did it for OpenSSH.  I'm somewhat
> surprised about your complaint.  I offered you an easy way to copy
> the needed stuff from another OSS project.  I'm not obligated to do
> the port for you, IIRC.

Sorry, no offense was intended.  I am just suprised that, after 
searching the mailing list for openldap and finding that, after a small 
patch was applied, "the entire OpenLDAP distribution builds cleanly 
under Cygwin now." [email from * Jason Tishler <jason at tishler dot 
net> to * Carlos de Sousa <Carlos dot de_Sousa at ebc dot ericsson dot 
se> and cc'd to cygwin at cygwin dot com on Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:46:59 
-0400] that it would be necessary to add LIBS="$LIBS -lregex 
/usr/lib/textmode.o" to the beginning of the configure command.  I am 
supprised that openLDAP does not have a to provide any 
platform specific configuration information to configure. Perhaps  my 
questions/offensive comments should be directed the openLDAP developers.

Anyway, if this question comes up again, the answer will be in the 
archive for people to find by searching it.


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       -- President George W. Bush

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