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CVS and SSH (again?)

I know that there have various permutaitons of this
discussion on this list before, but none of them quite
seem to fit my problem:

I have the latest cygwin installed using the setup
program.  I want to use the cvs client using ssh,
which I successfully use daily on solaris machines.  

1. When I installed cvs, it only installed the
sources.  Not sure why.  openssh installed the
binaries properly.  I can ssh to the host and run
programs just fine, but the shell I get cannot execute
some programs, like pine or mutt, because of the
terminal type.
2. I compiled and installed cvs from those sources. 
But "make check" or whatever the diagnostic target is,
fails on the first case.
3. If I create a script called ssh1 which calls "ssh
-1 $*", I can check out my repository.  However, cvs
update and cvs commit both produce errors.  CVS update
does not look at all the subdirectories in the package
and cvs commit replies that "nothing is known" about
the first file it is supposed to commit.
4. I found a precompiles version of cvs on the web
someplace and copied the binary over what I compiled. 
Same errors.  Tried some other ssh binaries from the
net.  Same errors.
4. If I use wincvs, it works perfectly, using ssh.exe
installed by cygwin.

I can use wincvs, I guess, but I really prefer the
command line client.  My best guess is that I have
something misconfigured in cygwin.

Any help is appreciated.


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