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Setup fails to install on Win2K

Upgraded to latest setup today ( and tried to update my already-
existing installation.  I have several systems with it installed, so I download
the new packages first, then install from the local directory.  Setup downloaded
a few packages.

I tried to install onto a 50.3G FAT32 partition, with 28.5GB free.  I tried to
install from a 57.2G NTFS partition, with 23.4G free.

When I tried to install from the local directory, and after selecting the
packages recommended, setup instantly puts up a dialog box labeled "mount" that
says "The operation completed successfully".  Behind that box is the "Cygwin
Setup", and says "Installing...", The Package and Total indicator bars are
blank, and the button says "Cancel".  Clicking OK on the "mount" box terminates
the installation, with nothing installed.  

I tried a complete install to a different partition from the local disk; same
thing, although the directory structure is created.

I also tried a download/upgrade.  The installation log is below.  Now what?

2001/12/18 08:49:49 Starting cygwin install, version
Current Directory: M:\Archives\Cygwin
2001/12/18 08:49:49 Command line parameters
2001/12/18 08:49:49 0 - 'M:\Archives\Cygwin\setup.exe'
2001/12/18 08:49:49 1 parameters passed
source: network install
root: E:/cygwin binary system
Selected local directory: M:\Archives\Cygwin
net: Direct
Downloaded latest/autoconf/autoconf-2.52a-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/autoconf/autoconf-devel/autoconf-devel-2.52-4.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/autoconf/autoconf-stable/autoconf-stable-2.13-4.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/automake/automake-1.5b-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/automake/automake-devel/automake-devel-1.5-5.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/automake/automake-stable/automake-stable-1.4p5-5.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/byacc/byacc-1.9-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/cygrunsrv/cygrunsrv-0.94-2.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/gdb/gdb-20010428-3.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/groff/groff-1.17.2-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/inetutils/inetutils-1.3.2-16.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/make/make-3.79.1-5.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/mingw-runtime/mingw-runtime-1.2-1.tar.gz
Downloaded contrib/mktemp/mktemp-1.4-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/mt/mt-2.0.1-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded contrib/mutt/mutt-1.2.5i-6.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/newlib-man/newlib-man-20001118-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/openssh/openssh-3.0.2p1-2.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/openssl/openssl-0.9.6b-2.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/pcre/pcre-3.7-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded contrib/popt/popt-1.6.2-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/regex/regex-4.4-2.tar.bz2
Downloaded contrib/rsync/rsync-2.4.6-3.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/texinfo/texinfo-4.0-5.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/time/time-1.7-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/vim/vim-6.0.93-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded latest/w32api/w32api-1.2-1.tar.bz2
Downloaded contrib/wget/wget-1.7-1.tar.bz2
2001/12/18 08:59:48 Ending cygwin install

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