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Cron problem - tried suggestion in mail list


Sorry that I have common question on cron. I got cron
error : can't switch user context. I have tried the
following suggestion in mail list:

1. remove cron and install as SYSTEM
   $rm -Rf /var/cron
   $cygrunsrv -E cron
   $cygrunsrv -R cron
   $cygrunsrv -I cron -p /usr/sbin/cron -a -D -e
CYGWIN="tty ntsec"
   $cygrunsrv -S cron

   The process is running by SYSTEM

2. All files directory under /var are mode = 777;
   mode of /usr/sbin/cron = 755 ;
   mode of /etc/group and /etc/passwd = 644

3. $mkgroup -ld > /etc/group
   $mkpasswd -ld > /etc/passwd

   the server installed cygwin is in domain ( but not
domain controller), i must use domain user to login
and run crontab -e . Thus i used "-ld" in making
passwd and group file.

4. I tested that Domain administrator can use cron job

I used cygwin version 1.3.3 in w2k SP2 Advanced
server. I know that a new cygwin version is released.
However, as my system is in production now, i cannot
upgrade the cygwin to the most update version. Or can
i only upgrade the cron tool ?

Thanks a lot !

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