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Re: path problems when logged in through ssh

At 04:01 PM 12/15/2001, C. Porter Bassett wrote:
>When I ssh into my machine and try to run things installed in
>/usr/local/bin or /usr/sbin, windows pops up an error message saying "The
>dynamic link library cygwin1.dll could not be found in the specified path
>or if it is for a program installed in /usr/sbin, replace \local\bin with
>Of course it doesn't find it in that path -- it's in d:\cygwin\bin, right
>where it should be.
>I do have d:\cygwin\bin in my path, but for some reason it doesn't look at
>the normal path when running stuff from sshd, it only looks in the above
>5 directories.

Hm, I wonder how one would fix a problem where the path is set 
incorrectly! ;-)

Make sure you're path is set correctly by checking around in your 
environment.  Most likely, your path is not set correctly in your
~/.profile or something.  YMMV.

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