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Re: RE:set up question

On Mon, 2001-12-17 at 21:02, Jorge Goncalvez wrote:
> So, I would like to install by default inetutils without going to Net And 
> specify the version of inetutils because by defaut when I ran Setup.exe 
> Inetutils are Skip.
> How can i do?Thanks

After you download everything you can edit *your* setup.ini and add Base
to the inetutils category list. It will get reset when you download from
the net again.

A neat trick you can do with the CVS HEAD code is to have a mirror site
on your hard drive, with a dummy setup.ini that specifies the package
and that it should be in Base, but uses an old version number and
provides no filenames. That will merge with the master setup.ini and
case inetutils to be installed automatically for you.

Also, once you've install inetutils once it will automatically update.

lastly, you could help out with the command line parameter effort, which
will allow commandline control of setup.ini.


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