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Re: Newbie question

Same question.

What i have done:
    under /etc, run 'iu-config' to generate some files.

What to do next ??
    inetutils..README says: login

but where? what should have been done before 'login'?


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> Hallo Robert,
> Am 2001-12-16 um 21:27 schriebst du:
> > I have been using cygwin for some time now, as a replacement shell
> > basically on various flavours on Windows machines.
> > I only joined this list about a week ago however, and have noticed that
> > some of the mail is to do with server side networking, such as imetd.
> > I am very interested in setting something like this up, which from what
> > I infer from the questions allows telneting on to a box running cygwin.
> > I have checked the archives, and the user guide, but cannot find
> > anything about how to set up these daemons.
> > Could someone please provide some pointers?
> Most information is in /usr/doc/Cygwin/
> in the various README's, like for inetutils, openssh, cygrunsrv which
> probably are the first you're looking for now.
> There are also a lot of 'recipes' in the mailing list archives.
> Maybe you need to install some of the packages first if there are no docs.
> Let me suggest also that it is probably more interesting to run sshd and
> connect with ssh to your box than it is with telnet;)
> Gerrit
> --
> =^..^=                              

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