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Re: Newbie question

Hallo Robert,

Am 2001-12-16 um 21:27 schriebst du:

> I have been using cygwin for some time now, as a replacement shell
> basically on various flavours on Windows machines.

> I only joined this list about a week ago however, and have noticed that
> some of the mail is to do with server side networking, such as imetd.

> I am very interested in setting something like this up, which from what
> I infer from the questions allows telneting on to a box running cygwin.

> I have checked the archives, and the user guide, but cannot find
> anything about how to set up these daemons.

> Could someone please provide some pointers?

Most information is in /usr/doc/Cygwin/
in the various README's, like for inetutils, openssh, cygrunsrv which
probably are the first you're looking for now.
There are also a lot of 'recipes' in the mailing list archives.
Maybe you need to install some of the packages first if there are no docs.
Let me suggest also that it is probably more interesting to run sshd and
connect with ssh to your box than it is with telnet;)


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