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Re: bc & dc


Presumably the server is either supplying a generic MIME type or none at 
all or your browser does not recognize that type, all of which may stem 
from the as-yet still relatively uncommon bzip2 compression format and the 
equally uncommon .bz2 suffix.

For what it's worth, my Netscape 6.2 does the same thing.

Use the context menu and explicitly request to save the link to a file.

Personally, I like Artis-11C (vers. 2) as a general-purpose calculator.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 18:19 2001-12-15, Lewis Mammel wrote:
>I can't find bc or dc in the setup catalogue, nor any mention in the FAQ. 
>Why not? I must have dc!
>I found a site, that has a bc 
>package, ( which I believe contains dc ), but I don't know how to download 
>it. When I click on "download" it just displays gobbledygook.
>Any help will be much appreciated.  I can't understand why this isn't in 
>setup.exe ! ( which worked very smoothly for me. )
>Lew Mammel, Jr.

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