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Re: setup.exe doesn't show new versions of NOT INSTALLED packages

You have to change every single package you want to 
download from skip to the version you want. It is 
a known "bug" in the current installer - but it's also a  
step toward a much better setup.exe so stay tuned.
Btw - you can fetch setup.exe sources from the 
the cygwin CVS repository or take a snapshot and try
to compile it for yourself. However, note that
setup.exe built from sources is not supported.

Btw there were a lot of discussions on this
list about this problem so you could easily find 
the solution by just checking the mailing list

Lev Serebryakov wrote:
> Hello cygwin,
>   I have local repository of cygwin packages, which I update with
>   setup.exe (``Download from Internet'' option).
>   When computer with repository doesn't have installed cygwin,
>   everything is Ok: on each setup.exe execution I could see new
>   packages or new versions of old packages.
>   But when computer with repository have some cygwin utilities
>   (installed via ``Install from Local directory''), setup.exe DOESN'T
>   SHOW new packages and versions of packages, whcih I have not
>   installed!
>   I could switch setup to full mode, and I'll see 'Skip' on every
>   not-installed package! But I want to _DOWNLOAD_, and don't want to
>   _SKIP_ anything. I want to _SKIP_ whan I'm installing, and now I'm
>   in _DOWNLOADING_ mode!
>   I suppose, it's a bug.

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