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duplicate regexec/regcomp functions detected

Hi all,

kde needs the regexp functions regexec and regcomp.

The cygwin lib contains the System V8 function call style, while the pcre package (pcreposix)
provides another style (the system V style I guess). The problem is now, that both libs
supports the same names for regexec and regcomp but with different parameter/return types.
This results sometimes in execution failures if the libs are not in the right order like
shown in the following example.

pcre regexp wanted

$ gcc ... -lpcreposix -lcygwin   -> okay

$ gcc ... -lpthreads|-lm|-lc -lpcreposix -lcygwin   -> failure: the functions in cygwin lib
are used

Especially in libtool related environment with many dependency libs like kde this causes much

Should it not be better, to remove the regexp support from cygwin into a seperate lib, so
that users has an easier possibility to choose which regexp style they want ?



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