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Re: Object File format


Thursday, 13 December, 2001 Ray Campbell wrote:

RC> I am trying to learn more about compiler development, and thus more
RC> information about ELF files.  I thought that c++ object files were in the
RC> ELF format, generated in cygwin with the c++ compiler, but when I try to
RC> read them, either with readelf, or in debug, they don't appear to be.  Is
RC> there anyway I can generate these files in elf format?  Or am I just doing
RC> something wrong?  Thank you in advance for your time.

the format of files generated by gcc depends on platform. it's ELF for
linux/freebsd/a bunch of other unices, COFF for windows, etc. windows
can't run ELF binaries, and gcc provided with cygwin is intended to
produce windows executables. if you want to build ELF executables for,
say, linux, you should build gcc as cross-compiler.

I'd suggest an excellent book "Linkers and loaders" by John Levine
(you can download a draft from -- it
describes in great detail how all those things work. 

a good introduction to cross-compilation stuff can be found at 

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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