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Re: mount fails

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 08:28:08AM -0500, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>I know you already have your answer but for the record, this is the
>wrong list for this post.  This is a type of post. 
>Cygwin-apps is to be used for porters to discuss porting programs.  It's
>not to post questions and concerns about using those programs.  Please
>keep this list on topic.
>Those answering an off topic post in this list, please be kind enough to
>redirect it to

Thanks, Earnie.

I was hoping that someone would point out that the docs are probably not
wrong and go into details about why they are not wrong.

An MS-DOS path is the right thing for the first non-option argument to
mount.  However, if you're running in a bash shell you have to remember
that '\' has special meaning.


>Michael Salmon wrote:
>> hi folks,
>> I'm trying to mount a drive as textmode rather then the automatic
>> binmode.  I know mount for linux and freebsd but it's not acting
>> AFAICT correctly.
>> This is what I'm trying and the error I get
>> mount -t -s c:\cygwin /
>> mount: /: Invalid argument
>> I tried escaping and quoting the / in case windows dislikes /, even
>> though I'm using the cygwin bash. Didn't work. Basically I want
>> to edit in vim files I checkout with Sourcesafe.
>> If anyone knows how to make vim read windows files , that would also
>> solve my problem - I'm looking into that also..
>> Also, after I couldnt get the drive mounted as textmode or binmode
>> I decided a reboot was in order, hoping it would at least return
>> to it's default binmode. After a reboot the drive does not get remounted
>> and now things are generally messed up.
>> cheers,
>> ms-
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