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Re: CYGWIN and rlogin - non inheritance of variable CYGWIN

CyberZombie wrote:

> arnaud GAND wrote:
>> I fully apologize because my problem was that I did not restart my 
>> computer. When reading the doc,
>> I understood "form start on" as "from start on bash". Sorry. I made 
>> another tests with new system variables
>> and I found that these new system variables was not set in rlogin 
>> session.
>> So I reboot my NT4 station and now it's clear for me.I needed to 
>> reboot first my
>> computer before testing rlogin.
>> Thank you very much, it helped me focused further on this weird 
>> behaviour.
>> Arnaud
> One note about NT and above (not sure about Windows 9x/Me).  If you 
> set/modify variables in the system environment, you don't need to 
> reboot to see the effects.  Just restart the processes that need to 
> see those variables.  In this case, 'net stop inetd', 'net start 
> inetd' should do... 

Thank for the Hint but in these case it does not work. You need really 
to reboot and stopping and starting inetd has no effect.


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