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Re: Cannot create executables / can't find libz.dll

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Cliff Hones wrote:

> wrote:
> > 1.When i'm trying to compile something i see error: [cut] cannot creat 
> > exec [cut]. what i need to do?
> For a start, read the documentation and FAQ, and if that doesn't help
> give us more information.  Did you do a full cygwin install?  Is it all
> up to date?  What command did you use to invoke the compiler?  What
> was the full error message?
> > 2. i tried to install mc from rpm [rpm -i mc-version.rpm] and i see error: 
> > cant find DLL file: libz.dll. im sure that i have this file, named 
> > libz.dll.a, when im reanming libz.dll.a to libz.dll then i see error: 
> > error in file [cut]. why???
> Again, more info needed - we aren't mind-readers. rpm packages aren't
> part of the official Cygwin distribution, so you will probably need
> to raise the problem with whoever supplied it to you.  You shouldn't
> rename libz.dll.a - that is *not* the same thing at all as libz.dll.
> I think libz.dll should be part of the Cygwin xfree installation, and
> this is the wrong list for xfree queries.
> -- Cliff

So i should do full-cygwin-install and install xfree?


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