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Re: CYGWIN and rlogin - non inheritance of variable CYGWIN

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 08:30:18AM -0600, CyberZombie wrote:
> arnaud GAND wrote:
> > I fully apologize because my problem was that I did not restart my 
> > computer. When reading the doc,
> > I understood "form start on" as "from start on bash". Sorry. I made 
> > another tests with new system variables
> > and I found that these new system variables was not set in rlogin 
> > session.
> > So I reboot my NT4 station and now it's clear for me.I needed to 
> > reboot first my
> > computer before testing rlogin.
> >
> > Thank you very much, it helped me focused further on this weird 
> > behaviour.
> >
> > Arnaud
> One note about NT and above (not sure about Windows 9x/Me).  If you 
> set/modify variables in the system environment, you don't need to reboot 
> to see the effects.  Just restart the processes that need to see those 
> variables.  In this case, 'net stop inetd', 'net start inetd' should do...

Unfortunately not.  inetd isn't started from nirvana but as a service
it's started as a child of the service control manager.  That means
it inherits its environment from the SCM which doesn't know about the
changed system environment apparently.

Basically you're right... but not for services.

So in this case only restarting windows or restarting the SCM (though
I don't know if that's at all possible) helps.


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