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Re: CYGWIN and rlogin - non inheritance of variable CYGWIN

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 11:29:21AM +0000, arnaud GAND wrote:
> Hi
> I use inetd with CYGWIN on NT4 station.
> I configured inetd proprely (variable CYGWIN put to "binmode ntsec 
> notty" and registry key as explained in the doc with same value).
> I need "notty" use of CYGWIN to run some NT programs.
> with system variable CYGWIN put to "binmode ntsec notty" i get those NT 
> programs run well
> but with rlogin (from IRIX station) they do not work and CYGWIN variable 
> is not set.

That's weird.  I just had a look into the rlogind sources and
actually started a rlogin session from my Linux box to the Windows
box.  rlogind doesn't influence the environment except for the
setting of $TERM.  All other env.vars including $CYGWIN are inherited
from the parent process, inetd.  Inetd has the environment which
is set in the system environment plus user env. if started under
another user account as SYSTEM.


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