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Re: gcc -mno-cygwin creates cygwin executables!

----- Original Message -----
From: "a.rburgers" <>
> > If you want a mingw pthread library see the pthread-win32 project.
> I don't want to force the user to install pthread-win32.
> I want this configure script (for fltk btw) to detect correctly
> threads
> are available or not.

Hmm. Why not put the win32 api checks in the configure script ahead of

> > > 2) Put some cygwin specific libraries as libpthread.a in
> > /usr/cygwin/lib
> > > and add /usr/cygwin/lib to the specs?
> > This _might_ do it. Still it requires breaking out the pthread
> > functions, for little benefit and greater overhead.
> I don't see the problem with this. We are not adding libraries as
> and libjpeg to libcygwin either are we?

cygwin doesn't depend on jpeg or png, it does on pthreads.

> > Why not add the
> > win32-pthread functions somewhere and add that to the -mno-cygwin
> You mean adding the win32-pthread functions to the standard cygwin
> distribution?
> That would be perfect of cause!

See You're more than welcome to
contribute such a package, and I'd support it's inclusion - as long as
it is done carefully so as not to confuse folk who are not
using -mno-cygwin.


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