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Re: php-4.1.0 on Cygwin

Hallo Ryan,

Am 2001-12-12 um 01:04 schriebst du:

> I am attempting to build php-4.1.0 on Cygwin.  So far I have had to make
> the following changes to get things to compile.  I am almost certain
> that this is the Wrong Way(TM) to solve this problem, so if anyone could
> suggest the Right Way(TM) before I send these patches to the PHP guys,
> I'd appreciate it.  Also, read on about _imp__ craziness...

> +/* Hack for Cygwin.  Without this, timezone is a function */

This hack is ok.

> ---cut here---

> Now I get to a link stage, and I get:

> /bin/sh /home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/cygwin-build/libtool --silent --mode=link gcc -I. -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/cygwin-build/main -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0
> -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/cygwin-build/Zend -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ext/mysql/libmysql -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ext/xml/expat -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/main
> -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/Zend -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/TSRM  -I/home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/cygwin-build/TSRM -g -O2   -o php -export-dynamic      stub.lo 
> Warning: resolving _stdscr by linking to __imp__stdscr (auto-import)
> ./.libs/libphp4.a(xml.o): In function `zm_info_xml':
> /home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ext/xml/xml.c:237: undefined reference to `_imp__php_XML_ExpatVersion'
> ./.libs/libphp4.a(xml.o): In function `xml_parser_dtor':
> /home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ext/xml/xml.c:304: undefined reference to `_imp__php_XML_ParserFree'
> ./.libs/libphp4.a(xml.o): In function `zif_xml_parser_create':
> /home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ext/xml/xml.c:1080: undefined reference to `_imp__php_XML_ParserCreate'
> /home/ryans/src/php-4.1.0/ext/xml/xml.c:1084: undefined reference to `_imp__php_XML_SetUserData'
> *** snip

> so my question is, where does that _imp__ come from?  Something to do
> with DLLs I can guess, but I'm a DLL dummy on Winblows.  How do I either
> get rid of that _imp__ or how do I properly add it to the php_XML_*
> functions?

There is a lib missing?  Have you linked against libexpat?


Gerrit P. Haase                  

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