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Re: compile perl- percentage of tests expected to pass- 96% okay

Peter Buckley wrote:
> I compiled perl and when I do "make test" I only get 96% okay-
> Searching the MLA I see that some people have gotten 99+% okay- is there
> something special I need to do to build perl under cygwin? I just did a
> configure -d to accept all the defaults.

Which Perl?  I am getting 100% success with bleadperl (5.7.2/5.8.0 to be), but 
I know that others are still getting some nagging failures.  I suspect that 
there will be a class of tests which will frequently fail unless you are:

	- running NT4 or W2K
	- on a machine that is a member of a domain
	- and using ntsec

I know that a lot of work has happened recently to fix problems which still 
existed in 5.6.1, both cross-platform and CygWin specific, so you are better
off with bleadperl than with the so-called stable perl.



John Peacock
Director of Information Research and Technology
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