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Re: BUGREPORT: Problem with automake/autoconf scripts

Martin Oberhuber wrote:

> Hello,
> I have found a problem with the automake and autoconf scripts installed
> in /usr/bin for switching between the DEVEL and STABLE versions of
> automake and autoconf.
> The bug leads to breaking automake or aclocal on scripts where some
> text follows the AC_PREREQ line (like, for instance, in the DDD 
> configuration script).
> In Detail: automake allows a line like
> AC_PREREQ(2.13)dnl
> where some text follows the closing parenthesis after the version number.
> The trailing text is not correctly eliminated by the SED script
> which extracts the version number in the automake/autoconf scripts
> distributed.
> For correcting the bug, replace the following line:
> VER=`sed -n -e '/AC_PREREQ/s/[^(]*(\([[:digit:]\.]*\))/\1/p' < $infile`
> with the corrected line:
> VER=`sed -n -e '/AC_PREREQ/s/[^(]*(\([[:digit:]\.]*\)).*$/\1/p' < $infile`
> in all autoconf/automake scripts:
> aclocal autoheader autoreconf autoupdate autoconf automake autoscan ifnames
> corrected versions of these scripts are in the attached tarfile.

Thanks -- I've corrected this in the primary source packages here:

Also, I've put updated cygwin-style packages for Corinna here:

Finally, I've also made a note to correct this in the (very very 
experimental) libtool scripts.

Next time, however, it would be better to generate a patch against the 
source code (, and not simply create new output 
files.  (That's kinda like shipping a corrected '.exe' file without 
incuding the source.  Not quite, because THESE ".exe" files are just 
text, but still...)

And also a changelog.


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